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smguys.eu, bondage and discipline, sm is about communication, sm is about ritual, sm is about role-playing, the top's needs, fantasy, bottom's needs, humiliation, controlling, being controlled, sleeping with both your hands and feet bound, your new slave being blindfolded and telling you his secret fantasies, leather, submission, domination, polished boots, tattered jeans, exchange of power, exchange of trust, rubber, latex, burning candles, dark but comfortable atmosphere, tit-play, the sensation of touch, electrifying the senses, watersports, piercings and the act of piercing, threshold of pain, assimilation, recovery, safe, consentual, percussion play, toys, cockrings and cockstraps, covers, cages and sheaths, rope toys, metal restraints, slings, suspension and inversion, hot wax, ice, whips, paddles, rods, etiquiette, leather sex, macho man, ties that bind, bound and gagged, dungeon master, power play, aromas, belts, bikers, blindfolds, boot-licking, butt plugs, cat of 9-tails, chains, cowboys, cuffs, dog traiining, domestic chores, exhibitionism, gags, hand cuffs, hoods, leg irons, harnesses, marines, soliders, harness, uniforms, harnessing, police, public bondage, shaving, sound control, sucking cock, training with a second top or bottom, urethral sounds, uncircumcised men... sm is about atmosphere... sm is about experience...




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All models on this site are 18 years of age or older.


SM guys is dedicated to the area of gay sexuality called bdsm.
Smguys explores the erotisicm of fantasy role play and the world of the gay bdsm master-slave dominant-submisive sex acts using xxx gay bdsm video and xxx gay bdsm photos to take you on an erotic journey into the world of gay bdsm.

At smguys we explore your deepest, most twisted, perverted, and yes, sexually exciting fantasies.

A commonly defined meaning relating to S&M suggests that inflicting some sort of pain, domination and restraint that pertains to sexual arousal and pleasure. For some it is a major part of S&M, but for others it is not pain but awakening the sences within sensual bdsm play that is the core of their sexual arousal. To define bdsm is like trying to define the very nature of an individual, our sexual desires are broad and varied.

Bdsm is about exploring sexual boundaries in an erotic safe, sane and consentual environment. Ultimately bdsm is about a sexual exploration takeing you to new hights in the gay sexual experiance.

smguys captures gay bdsm in all its forms, erotic gay bdsm sex acts are captured on video.

Inside smguys you will encounter gay male domination and submission, boys collared and forced to submit to their masters every will, men in leather, guys bound and gagged, hardcore leather fucking, men in uniforms roleplaying, you will see underwear torn from the bodys of innocent sex slaves, and masters andminister the pleasure and pain so needed by their bottom boy slaves.

You will be tittilated by the pure erotisism of the dark gay dungeon sex action and inspired by the outdoor gay bondage scenes.

Sm guys chronichals young guys having their first time gay bdsm experience, hardcore leather- clad daddies show their skills, its the smell of leather the taste of submission the undulating lines of male bodies contorting in absolute sexual pleasure.

Sm guys is about the caged slave, the collared submissive twink, the tantiliseing lure of the dungeon and the pure raunch of gay sexual role play.

SMguys is bdsm from the innocence of the first experiance to the raunch and skill of the bdsm masters dark dungeon and sex club play.
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